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Menyusukan Anak Angkat

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Ada 2 problem yg kena ambil kire

1. membawa bayi ke breast anda

2.mengeluarkan susu utk adopted child

Problem 1.

The sooner you can get the baby to the breast after he is born, the better.

babies perlukan susu direct dari breast untuk latched on terutama selepas kelahiran bila nurse dah bagi susu melalui bottle or another method of feeding (cup, finger feeding).

Kalau boleh, seeloknya biarlah ibu asal bb tersebut memberi susu terlebih dahulu untuk memastikan bb dapat kolustrum(semua tahu kelebihan kolustrum, rite!)

As soon as a baby is in sight, contact a specialized lactation clinic and start getting your milk supply ready.

Ingt, anda mungkin x dapat full supply for baby(walaupun posibbility tu ada).


Pumping. Kalau mampu, cari double pump.

Pumping both breasts at the same time takes half the time, obviously, but also results in better milk production.

Start pumping as soon as the baby is in sight, even if this means you will be pumping for 4 months. You do not have to pump frequently on a schedule.

Do what is possible. If twice a day is possible at first, do it twice a day. If once a day during the week, but 6 times during the weekend can be done, fine.

Partners can help with nipple stimulation as well.

Domperidone. This drug can help you produce more milk. It is not necessary for you to use in order to breastfeed an adopted baby, but it will help you develop a more abundant milk supply faster.

There is no such thing as a 100% safe drug. If you do decide to take it, the dose is 20 mg four times a day. Check the handout for more information. Ask at the clinic. Using pumping and domperidone, most adopting mothers have started to produce drops of milk after two to four weeks.


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